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Our taxation team is made up of professionals who are always in close association with the client to deal with his taxation cases on time and effectively.

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Registrering, VAT, redovisning och konsultation, allt under ett och samma tak!

  • Corporate and Personal Income Taxation
  • VAT registration
  • Stock transfer, and capital gains
  • Conventions for the avoidance of double taxation, etc.
  • Tax planning for investments in fixed assets
  • Tax treatment of contracts of banks and capital market
  • Tax planning for dividends, interest and royalties
  • Issues regarding charges among affiliated companies
  • Concerning individuals by offering tax planning and tax services, everyone can have multiple liquidity advantages when trusting our qualified experts.
  • Property transfer and real estate taxes
  • Gift and inheritance taxation
  • International executive taxation (expatriates)

The complexity that is found at mergers and acquisitions also includes tax matters that require tax planning. our tax department undertakes the appropriate tax planning to support such acquisitions and mergers.

The optimization of the costs for every transport company is our main goal.
We advise companies throughout the deal lifecycle from transaction strategy and deal origination, to execution and post-transaction integration and monitoring.

Our service capabilities combined with deep sector expertise make us one of the most comprehensive transport advisors in Bulgaria.

    Representative Automotive & Transportation advisory services include:
  • Buy and sell side – M&A lead advisory
  • Transaction strategy advisory, transaction structuring, financial modeling, etc.
  • Debt and equity capital raises
  • Financing alternatives analyses
  • Financial due diligence services
  • Business valuation services
  • Asset valuation services
  • Transactional tax services
  • Restructuring advisory (cash flow forecasts, distressed suppliers, business plan and forecast reviews)
  • Renewal or increasing of the fleet services space (Europe)

Bulgarian International Road Transport License, we providing holistic deal advisory services assisting in preparation, ordering, receiving and assembling all documents relating to the acquisition of the License.

  • Preparation or audit of tax returns
  • Consultation in the event of inspection by the tax authorities
    Preparation of a transfer pricing documentation files which include:
  • Business analysis
  • Functional analysis
  • Characteristics of transactions and choice of method
  • Economic analysis
  • Conclusions
  • Cover letter on risks and opportunities
  • Social security at a national and community level
  • Labour matters
  • Unlawful dismissal
  • Bonus Disputes
  • Pensions into the EU
  • Outsourcing

Private International Law governs the choice of law to apply when there are conflicts in the domestic law of different countries related to private transactions.
In the United States, Canada, and Great Britain it is also known as conflict of laws.

Accounting uses the power of the internet to provide you with online bookkeeping services. The technical term for this service is an ASP or Application Service Provider.

Let a professional do a professional’s job. If you are like most business owners and CEOs, you take full pride in the services or products your company provides.

By outsourcing your accounting position(s), your company doesn’t have to endure the hiring process and lose valuable time and money training bookkeepers, accountants or financial controllers.


The short answer: No. You actually have more control since you’ll have accurate, up-to-date financial statements at your fingertips.


If you need someone to make coffee and fill his or her day with other small tasks, that’s great. But think about this: How easy is it to find a good bookkeeper that knows QuickBooks inside and out?

VAT – 20%. The EU internal deliveries and the export are free of VAT Reduced rates of 9% apply to certain goods and services.

However, there is a requirement that if a company provides services to VAT-registered customers from another EU Member State, they need to be VAT registered

Auditor & Legal Consultation
In general: 150 € + VAT per month for above service including VAT declaration
If you have less than five transactions per month, requests for quotation.
Accounting for each employee 10 € per month.
Financial statements etc. it’s excluded, request for an quotation.

Business filings

Tax Advice

General Finance

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